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5 fun summer activities to bring your office together

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing and many returning to on-site work, we’ve picked out our favorite summer activities to help your team reunite, reconnect, and rejuvenate.

#1: Explore the city

If your company is anything like ours, then you too will have welcomed numerous new starters to the team over the past year—with many relocating for the opportunity. So what better way to introduce them to both the company and their new home, than a tour around the city?

To make the most of Berlin’s beautiful summer, we took our team on a boat trip along the River Spree—taking in the city views with a drink in hand. It was a great way to show Berlin to our new starters, give them the opportunity to catch up with (or meet) colleagues that they don’t often work with, and relax away from the office.

#2: Team-building exercise

No other activity can help you bond better than a team sport. Not only is it a great way to help everyone stay healthy, but it also strengthens relationships and encourages camaraderie - even if everyone is terrible! In the past we’ve taken our team to play Beach Volleyball, to try their hand at Badminton, to test their balance with Stand-up Paddling, and to challenge themselves with a 5k run.

Participation is, of course, always optional and even for those who are not keen (or not able) to join in, we still ensure they can be involved as spectators and at the parties that often come after the events.

#3: Wine & Dine

What better way to show your appreciation to your team for their hard work, than with good food, good music, and celebratory drinks! Our top-floor office in Berlin, with its two large balconies, boasts great views of the city center and provides us with a great location to host our summer BBQ parties. Prior to the lockdown we threw a farewell party to one of our colleagues, with a BBQ catered to all dietary requirements, a party-playlist curated in-house, and plenty of room for some dancing.

If you’re not as lucky to have a similar on-site location, then don’t panic - you can always move the party to a local park, lake, or beach (be sure to check your local BBQ rules).

#4: Games & Activities

With such a creative team it’s no surprise that some of our colleagues are adept at developing their own team-building games to bring the office together. Games are a great way to get people working in smaller teams with co-workers they don’t usually get to interact with.

For one of our summer parties, we headed to Escobar, an ideal terrace that overlooks the Badeschiff beach and boasts spectacular panorama views of the river Spree and its surroundings. Here our organizers had arranged a ‘summer quest’ where teams could compete in different challenges to learn more about their colleagues and have fun.

#5: Go-Karting

Our Go-Karting activity day proved to be incredibly popular with the team and is a great idea for those colleagues who like a more active and fast-paced team-building day. While it’s not for everyone, it can work well with smaller groups and is a fun way to get those competitive juices flowing.

Our recommendation: run a small survey or poll to find out which activities your team is most interested in. This way you’ll be able to find an activity that best suits everyone!


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