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Meet the Team: Kseniia

Each month, we like to showcase different members from our lovely team to help put a face to the work we do here at 360 Digital Starters. This week we’re shining the light on Kseniia, who not only works tirelessly on our social media accounts but also plays a key role in the organisation of our office events... particularly Halloween.

Meet Kseniia!

Hi Kseniia! Tell us a little about how you came to be in Berlin.

Hi! Well, I’m originally from the Ukraine, but a few years ago my husband and I decided we wanted a change of scenery. He was offered a position here in the technical team and we decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. So, almost two years ago now, we moved over. It’s our first experience of living abroad and so far, it’s been great!

How are you liking Berlin?

It’s amazing. Berlin is a very comfortable city to live in. Everything is so organized here - the infrastructure, the shops, government services – so planning trips, activities or simple tasks is made easy by the well-planned German schedules. I also love the many parks and lakes in Berlin. These are my retreat places for relaxation. One thing I dislike though is the graffiti. It’s a huge part of the Berlin scene, but it’s not an art movement I fully understand or enjoy.

Describe your transition from being a teacher to working in the 360 Digital Starters content team.

In Ukraine, I was an English teacher working with young children. They are funny, cute, and curious at this age, so it was a great job, but at the same time I wanted to work with adults and use my creativity elsewhere. When I came here, I had a perfect opportunity to do something that I’ve never done before. My knowledge of the English language and eagerness to explore different platforms helped me to get a place in the content team.

How would you describe our company culture?

It’s very open and friendly. I am forever grateful that my first experience of working abroad has been with this company! Digital Starters always works hard to create the best working environment for its employees. We have workshops, offsite/onsite events, fitness memberships and lots of parties. The company really invests in our personal and professional development. Everyone is important. Every idea is valuable.

Describe your funniest moment at work.

Last year there were many funny moments in our Halloween quest. Everyone was in fantastic costumes and we spent the entire treasure hunt laughing and joking. That was a great day.

This is your second year acting as our official ‘Halloween master.’ Tell us more about that.

‘Halloween master’ – you make me blush! I would never describe myself as the master of this holiday, but I do love it. We don’t have anything like it in Ukraine, but when I was teaching, I did grab the opportunity to create lessons around the holiday. It’s a great way to play and engage young children with stories, characters, and movies while teaching them something new. I also love decorating and conjuring up quests to see the different funny ways that people will try to solve them. The instant I hear “Halloween,” a thousand ideas pop into my head.

Our spooky 'Halloween Master'

You help the company with its Instagram account – do you have any tips for posting successful content?

I’m continuously learning and testing new techniques, but one thing is clear - you must be open and sincere with your audience. As soon as users feel that you are interested in what you are posting, saying, or promoting, they will become interested too.

If you could be an animal, which one would you choose?

I love guinea pig but if I had to choose, I would be a dog. They’re bigger and smarter than guinea pigs, but still just as cute and adorable.

What is your alternative dream job?

That’s a tough question. There are many things I’d like to do, but I think having my own event agency would be awesome. It would allow me to turn my hobby into an actual career! If I couldn’t do that, then I would love to travel and run a blog with useful tips for other travelers. That would be idyllic.


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