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Make the most of Germany’s 9€ travel ticket

In the months of June, July, and August 2022 you can travel throughout Germany on any local/regional trains, buses, and trams for just 9 euros! How cool is that? To cushion the rising fuel and living costs, this new incentive is not only a welcome treat, but a great opportunity for people to get out and discover what Germany has to offer.

Everything you need to know about the 9€ ticket

  • Anyone, including tourists and non-residents can take advantage of the new scheme.

  • Tickets can be purchased on the Deutsche Bahn website.

  • Tickets must be bought separately for each month—each ticket entitles you to use transport for one calendar month, so a ticket bought in July will be valid from 01.07 until 31.07.

  • You can use all means of public transport, however long-distance IC (Intercity), ICE, and EC services are not included.

  • Existing season ticket holders will automatically have their contracts reduced to 9€ or be refunded the difference.

Best German locations to travel to with your 9€ ticket

To help get you inspired, we asked our colleagues for their top German destinations to visit with the 9€ ticket.

Anna: Warnemünde & Flensburg

Warnemünde is an amazing seaside resort on the Baltic coast. It has lovely buildings, a beautiful promenade, lots of lighthouses, and wide sandy beaches. I’ve visited Warnemünde twice already and will definitely be heading back.

If you’re already up in the north of Germany, then I’d recommend extending your trip with a visit to Flensburg. Located near to the Danish border, Flensburg is a small but beautiful old town with lots of great restaurants, ice cream stores, and colorful houses.

Irina: Usedom

Situated in Pomerania (split between Germany and Poland) and just north of Szczecin, Usedom is a beautiful island in the Baltic Sea. It’s covered with pine tree forests and boasts a long beach (42 kilometers to be precise!) with soft, white sand. Visitors can also take advantage of the many hiking and cycling paths.

I spent my birthday there last year in October and despite the 15 degree temperatures it was sunny, warm, and wonderful. Usedom has its own specific climate, so you can often find many sunny days there in the year.

Kseniia: Dresden, Halle, & Rostock

In June I will be taking my mother to one of my favorite German cities: Dresden. Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony and can be reached within 2 hours by train from Berlin, making it the perfect weekend getaway destination. It’s a royal city with lots of sightseeing spots, palaces, and only a stones-throw away from beautiful valleys and mountains.

In July I will appease my sweet tooth with a trip to Halle (Saale), which is famous for its Halloren chocolate. Again, less than 2 hours from Berlin, it’s worth the trip alone to visit Germany’s oldest chocolate factory!

In August I will venture up to Rostock, a city that sits on the German Baltic coast. With its beautiful sandy beaches and fresh sea air, it’s the perfect getaway for those hot August temperatures.

Patricia: Harz

Many people associate Germany with things like lederhosen, bratwurst and chamois hats. But for me, the forest and its peculiar magic is really typically German. One of the most beautiful forests can be found in the Harz Mountains, roughly in the middle of the country.

One immediately thinks of the deep forests of the Grimm fairy tales and feels an archaic energy that is impressive and has a very special effect on the soul. I strongly recommend a trip to the Blocksberg in the Harz Mountains, on whose summit, according to legends, witches meet to dance on April 30th! The hiking trails around the picturesque town of Stolberg are also fantastic.

In every nook and cranny you'll find little witch figurines, but most importantly, you can sample regional delicacies like wild boar, sausage, and Baumkuchen.

Sophia: Flensburg

Another vote for Flensberg! I always enjoy going to the north of Germany for that fresh sea air and great views. Not too far from Berlin, Flensberg has some incredible sights, including its beaches, sea views, hiking trails, and peaceful sunsets. It also has plenty of hotels near the beach if you want to extend your day trip further.


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