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Unmissable museums and art institutions to visit in Berlin

Steeped in history and alive with culture, Berlin is a treasure trove for any culture vulture out there. Boasting some of history’s most influential art movements—from Goethe to the Bauhaus and far beyond—and offering a rich gateway to more than 150 museums, Berlin is one of Germany’s most inspirational cities for many artists and creatives. It stands as no surprise therefore, that many of our own international colleagues were drawn to the city for this very reason. Check out their top picks below!

“Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.”—David Bowie

#1 The Schinkel Pavillon + Samurai Museum - Nemanja

The Schinkel Pavillon is a great space that hosts interesting art exhibitions and events throughout the year. Many visit the Pavillon for its architecture alone, with its floor-to-ceiling windows offering up a panoramic view of Berlin’s Museum Island. The varying exhibitions often include contemporary sculptures and media art installations. It’s also quite small, making it perfect for a quick and easy visit.

For anyone interested in Japanese culture, then the Samurai Museum is a wonderful hidden gem. One can discover over a thousand years of samurai culture and history through authentic artefacts and interactive installations.

#2 Pergamon Museum + König Galerie – Gaia

For anyone interested in classical antiquity and architectural masterpieces, then the Pergamon Museum is an absolute must! Home to many archeological treasures, including the Pergamon Altar and Ishtar Gate, it is one of Berlin’s most visited museums.

König Galerie is also a great shout for anyone interested in the works of international, emerging, and established artists. Housed in a brutalist church, the König Galerie hosts interesting (and often free) events (such as the recent “Machine Hallucinations” exhibit) that pull visitors from all over the world.

#3 Sanssouci Palace - Ivana

Not strictly a museum (or Berlin), but for anyone willing to travel a mere 40 minutes outside of the city, Potsdam offers a selection of Prussian summer palaces, constructed by Fredrich the Great. Sanssouci Palace is filled with elegant designs and furnishings and surrounded by the beautiful palace gardens. Well worth a visit!

#4 C/O Gallery – Irina

C/O Berlin provides a space for visual media and photography. A hidden gem in Berlin’s Charlottenburg area, the C/O gallery supports mostly emerging artists and promotes the exchange of new ideas through screenings, panel discussions, talks, and guided tours.

If you’re into performance art, then Chameleon Theatre is a creative venue that offers a magical experience for all visitors. It primarily showcases the international circus scene and puts on incredibly interesting, modern, and sometimes unusual, physical theater performances. If German isn’t your first language then fear not—many performances are dialogue free!


Need another excuse to visit Berlin? We have lots of great insider tips on how to best explore Germany’s capital and make the most of its wonderful outdoor spaces.


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