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Our guide for the perfect autumn in Berlin

With those glorious summers by the lake a now distant memory, we asked our team for their top tips on embracing the cooler temperatures and making the most of the autumn season in Berlin.

Barbara: Take a stroll through Berlin’s many parks

I love to go for walks in the autumn. Since moving to Charlottenburg, I’ve been spoilt by my proximity to Schloss Park, also knows as the Palace Park, which is a truly beautiful place to walk through and observe all the seasons as they come. It’s filled with wonderful gardens and is seldom overrun by tourists, so is perfect for escaping the noise of the city.

I would also recommend a visit to Volkspark Jungfernheide, which, once a royal hunting ground, is now a park for everyone. It’s only a few kilometers from where I live, so I often spend my lunchtimes walking through it. It’s the perfect spot to watch the leaves turn amber and, if you’re feeling brave, it also has a man-made lake where you can swim – as long as you don’t mind swimming with baby snakes and turtles (yes, I’ve seen both)!

Anna: Explore the autumn colour of Prenzlauer Berg

One of my favorite places to visit, regardless of the weather or season, is Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg.

This street took its name from the trees that grow there (‘Kastanien’ meaning chestnuts) and during the autumn months the leaves present a full palette of colours. Aside from the beautiful yellow and dark red colours of the street, Kastanienallee also offers a wide range of great restaurants and bars where you can spend many a cozy afternoon.

Moritz: Witness the Berlin sunrise

To behold one of the most mesmerizing autumnal sights that October has to offer, you should take any of the S-Bahn lines that cross Elsenbrücke, between Treptow and Friedrichshain, at around 7.30 in the morning. I recommend boarding a train heading north in order to avoid having your view obstructed by the contraflow. Since it is unlikely that you’ll find an unoccupied seat anyway, you should stay close to the doors and turn your attention eastwards.

If your field of vision is not obscured by fog, rain, hail, or some aspiring train writer’s pitiable attempt at art or misspelled activist messaging, then you have up to ten seconds to rest your gaze upon the most glorious sunrise ever to caress your peepers. It is sublime. In fact, the view can be so awe-inspiringly beautiful that you might not even notice the adhesive force of disgorged gum under your soles or the constant tapping of an elated dog’s tail against your leg. I highly recommend this nonpareil experience.

Kseniia: Get excited for Halloween!

I like autumn a lot. It's the time for hot tea, tasty pastries, warm blankets, good books, and pumpkins (of course). Spargelhof Klaistow Buschmann & Winkelmann was my real discovery this season!

Bright and colorful, it’s a fantastic place for families to spend the day wandering around an enormous exhibition of pumpkins. There's also a big playground, decorated in for Halloween. And trust me, this place is not just for kids. It's also for the grown-ups – there’s no shame in having a go (or a few) on the slide!

There are also a few restaurants (with huge and tasty portions) and a small market, where you can buy some fresh fruit and vegetables that were grown on the farm. I had a great time there and can highly recommend!


So, whether it’s exploring the city's many parks to watch the autumn leaves fall, staying warm in a museum, or cozying up with a spiced pumpkin latte as you check out the best markets, we recommend getting out and about to make the most of this autumn season – before that cold Berlin winter settles in!


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