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How Berlin became our capital

Affordable, lively, diverse and tolerant, it’s no wonder Germany’s capital has become home to people from all over the world… including us!

Courtesy of its open culture, Berlin has long drawn in creatives and become somewhat of a magnet for start-ups. Alex Reitsma, our very own CEO of 360 Digital Starters, shared the company’s motivations for planting its roots in the city: “Berlin is a vibrant international city with a lot going on. It attracts a lot of people from all over the world – from different cultures and multiple languages. If you have a company and you need to find developers, creatives, or marketeers, then being in Berlin makes it easier. For us, it has always been important to get those talented people on-board.”

But it’s not just business that has drawn us here. Our employees have been beguiled by Berlin for many different reasons. We caught up with a few to find out why.

Irina, Russia

I travelled to Berlin eight times before finally moving here. As a journalist in Russia, I would often travel to festivals or concerts abroad; I used every possible opportunity I could to come to the ones in Berlin, because the city’s electronic music scene and culture had always excited me. After getting accepted at Humboldt University to do my Masters, I finally made the leap.

And I’ve never looked back! I love the cafes, vintage shops, bars, galleries, and (oh, so many!) museums. The summers here are also beautiful and it’s always funny to see how everyone flocks outside to enjoy the city in the sun.

Yuri, Andrea, Irina, and Louise all came to Berlin from different countries.

Yuri, Brazil

I had left Brazil to work in a few different cities and prior to Berlin was living in Dublin. When I began to lose some interest there, I decided to look elsewhere, and Berlin immediately appealed. It’s a big city with a lot to do – great food options, good beer, fun people, and lots of concerts. There’s not much to dislike – except trying to get through the infamous Görlitzer park in peace!

Louise, England

With ridiculous London rent prices and (the less said about it the better) Brexit, I felt it was time to jump ship – and Berlin was the perfect city to land in. It has an astonishing cultural history, thriving food scene, and amazing art. It’s the sort of place where you can discover a great art-house production, join a karaoke meet-up in the park, and find an all-night party - all within 24 hours.

Andrea, Romania

I came to Berlin three years ago to be with my German husband who I had met through online gaming.

It was hard in the beginning, but I have no regrets. There are so many things to do and sights to see. The rhythm of the city is incredible, and I love the quietness of Sundays here. In many ways I don’t feel like I chose Berlin, but that it chose me.

Diversity is our strength

Our team consists of an eclectic bunch of 16 nationalities who believe that Berlin is the greatest start-up capital of the world. If you're looking to locate right in the heart of the action and join a diverse group of innovators, then check out our careers page and see if you have the skills and drive to join our team.


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