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5 tips for Spring in Berlin

After months of cold weather and dark, short days, we’re thrilled that Spring has finally sprung in Berlin. Spring doesn’t just mark the start of warmer weather and brighter evenings, but it also bears witness to a noticeable shift in people’s behavior and mood, with Berliners shaking off the cobwebs from their winter cocoons and the city becoming a buzz of activity and laughter once again.

To celebrate the much-needed return of sunshine, we asked our colleagues to share their top tips for making the most of Spring in Berlin.

#1 Humboldthain Rose Garden (Rosengarten)

Located near the Gesundbrunnen U-Bahn in Wedding, the Rose Garden in Humboldthain Park is a sight not to be missed. As recommended by our People Operations Manager, Sophia, the park boasts wonderful roses in all colors and sizes.

When you walk through during spring, all you see for hundreds of meters are wonderful roses

There is no entry fee and “it is one of the more beautiful views that Berlin has to offer, right in the middle of the city. There are paths, benches and even arches to walk under where you can observe the flowers from the shade.” - Sophia.

#2 Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel)

Peacock Island is a great day-trip destination for those seeking to venture further out of the city. It features a stunning white castle, impressive park, and (of course) beautiful free-roaming peacocks.

“I loved Peacock Island. It takes around an hour to get there and an hour to get back so definitely needs to be planned in advance, but it’s totally worth it. You can also have lunch in nearby Potsdam and make a day of it.” – Nemanja.

#3 Paul-Lincke-Ufer Canal

The Paul-Lincke-Ufer canal runs through Berlin’s Kreuzberg area and features lots of restaurants, second-hand shops, and bars.

Cherry trees are blooming in spring, many people have picnics and drinks on the grass, and the atmosphere there is very chilled.

"I love to walk along this canal and look at the different trees and pretty buildings. There are really big swans and it’s a great place to meet a friend for a picnic. There’s often live music happening along the banks too!” – Irina.

#4 Körnerpark

Situated in Neukölln, Körnerpark is one of Berlin’s hidden gems that really comes to life in Spring. This idyllic garden is tucked out of sight and hidden below street level, making it a great spot to escape the city buzz without having to actually leave the city. With its beautifully kept lawns, trimmed hedges, colorful flower garden, small canals, and fountains, it is easily one of Berlin’s most wonderful outdoor spaces.

“I stumbled upon this park purely by accident and it was like stumbling into the secret garden. It’s a magical place with lots going on and one of my favorite places to meet friends for a drink in the sun” – Louise.

#5 Kollwitzplatz Market

Our list would not be complete without recommending a visit to one of Berlin’s most idyllic markets. The Saturday market at Kollwitzplatz is a perfect Spring activity for your weekend, with plenty of local produce, street food, flowers, drinks, and the occasional live music.

“On the one hand, you feel yourself immersed in the modern and busy side of Berlin, and on the other hand you still feel as if you’re in a cozy, calm and family-friendly European city. It’s a great place to visit and there are plenty of seasonal pleasures: mulled Glühwein and sausages in winter, tulips in spring” - Maria.


So, why not take advantage of the good weather and use these top tips to make Spring in Berlin your new favorite season!


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