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New Year, new beginnings, new look

The past two years have presented us with some unique challenges and changes. They have also redefined how we work and provided us with the space to determine which core values are truly reflective of our flourishing and open company culture. We took time over the past year to clarify our goals and redefine our vision so that we could enter 2022 with a strong identity that better reflects who we are and what we hope to achieve.

Innovative, Creative, and Ambitious

To help visualize the company identity and core values of our team, we enlisted the help of our incredibly talented in-house designers to produce a unique mural for the office. Design Intern, Júlia, is well-versed in murals, having worked on many incredible pieces both in Germany and abroad, and took the lead in conceptualizing and painting a mural that represents the values and spirit of our company:

  • Open-mindedness

  • Innovation

  • Creativity

  • Ambition

  • Growth

  • Fun

We are incredibly grateful to her and all of our wonderful designers who supported in producing this unique piece of artwork for the office. The design captures our modern identity and reminds everyone on entering of the six key values we all strive to uphold.

Defining who we are

This process represents an important part in the growth of our company and is a huge step toward creating a shared understanding both internally and externally of who we are and what we hope to achieve together as a team. We’re excited to see what else 2022 will bring and thrilled to have such a bright and joyous reminder of our team spirit in the office.


Wanting to pursue a full-time freelance career in illustration, design, and murals, this was Júlia’s final project with us. She is a huge creative force and a pleasure to work with. If you or your business are seeking a talented artist to brighten up your walls, then we could not recommend her enough. You can check out Júlia’s Instagram account to get in touch and see more of her incredible work.


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