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8 new quizzes we know you'll love

Entertainment and self-discovery can be found in a lot of places: meditation, hikes through the Alps, festivals. Luckily, during these times of lockdown, they can also be found on the internet – and boy do we have a lot of content devoted to keeping you amused, engaged, and amazed during these strange times. Prepare yourself for puzzles, mazes, and head-scratchers as we take you through eight of our newest releases from 2020.

Think twice, this can be tricky!

We collected 20 of our hardest questions from 2020 in this tricky head-scratcher. This one offers a great combination of some of our best challenges and a real treat for seasoned quiz-takers. Pro tip: read the interesting facts after each question to find out the answers.

Take the career assessment

Perfect for readers in the midst of changing or seeking a new career, this personality test assesses your behavior type through interview-style questions to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and get you interview-ready for your next big career move.

The Element

Your mission: solve a series of complex puzzles in space in order to harvest fuel from ‘the element’ and return home. This is our first quiz featuring 3D video challenges and it’s a true fast, fun, and visual adventure.

Spot the Odd One Out

This fast, fun, and visually exciting game will test your skills of perception through a series of challenges, images, and videos. This is one of our first games where users must enter their own answers rather than selecting from multiple choice options, adding a new difficulty level to the ‘odd-one-out’ challenges.

2 Truths and 1 Lie

Our fresh take on the classic party game will leave you second guessing yourself at every turn. Perfect for true sleuths and lovers of mystery, players must separate the fact from the fiction and uncover the lies hidden in the statements.

The Cheese Hunt

Help our hungry mice navigate through different mazes to reach delicious cheese. It’s colorful, fun, and a great game to play with the family.

Close-up Food

This is definitely one for the food lovers out there. Players must identify food items from our carefully hand-picked selection of close-up photos. Do you see baked brie or an onion soup? Pizza topping or grilled cheese sandwich?

Discover your IQ

This 55-question IQ test measures your mental agility through a series of complex questions designed to test your performance across different areas of intelligence – including verbal comprehension, mathematics, spatial reasoning, analytical thinking, and logic. Your results are then compared against that of other users to calculate an accurate score and placement on the IQ scale. It’s fast, free, and accurate.


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