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Our 2022 team summer party

Following a few long months of party non-grata, courtesy of the big C word, we knew we needed to take our team summer party to a whole new level. Our fully-remote colleagues were flown in for the July event and everyone came together to celebrate our company highs as a team.

Organizing social events for your team is not only a good way for companies to share their appreciation, but is also an important way of encouraging colleagues to get to know each other. With our adopted hybrid-model and a few team members working permanently outside of Berlin, it was important to bring everyone together for some much-needed social time.

Breaking the office routine

Out team event kicked off after lunch at the BeachMitte event space in the center of Berlin. Aware that it’s tricky to organize an activity that appeals to everyone, our party-planners provided three options for the first part of the day: beach volleyball, a high ropes course, or chilling by the beach bar.

Everyone was welcome to choose from one to all three of the activities offered and spend time with colleagues they didn’t often get the chance to talk to.

In the evening, we moved to our next venue: a small family-run Georgian restaurant called Kin Za, where we (alongside our partners and children) were treated to a seemingly never ending serving of Georgian delights and drinks. It was a bit of a challenge to get up after all that food, but many of the team were still energetic enough to have a go on the karaoke and dance the night away.

Despite a few (or many) sore heads in the morning, it was a great day of socializing, partying, and celebrating the hard work everyone had done over the last year. We already can’t wait for the next one!


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