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Inside our tech team: the engineers behind our ideas

At 360 Digital Starters, we believe that the success of our company stems from the success of our employees, and this includes our incredible tech team. Their remarkable dedication and professionalism profoundly impact what we do and how we do it, and it helps propel us toward our goals.

The team plays a crucial role in creating and facilitating our systems, optimizing our product websites, enhancing our user experience, and implementing new technologies. They are the reason that we can effectively connect with our global user base, and their work enables us to focus on delivering the high-quality content that we are proud of.

How our team works

Our tight-knit tech team is made up of software developers, system administrators, business intelligence specialists, and a technical project manager. Together, they handle both the visible and critical behind-the-scenes jobs—such as data security, system integration, and performance enhancement— that keep our company running smoothly.

No two days are the same and every member plays a fundamental role in the success and growth of the company. Through their combined expertise, our engineers have created multiple web applications, both public-facing and internal, to bring company visions to life and provide best-in-class user experiences. Our apps include a custom-built CMS, tailor-made tracking and reporting, and an incredible BI setup that helps our marketing and product teams to engage with and grow our audience.

"I believe that the most remarkable achievement is seeing the contribution of our team's work to the company and how many people it reaches." – Emin.

In our work, we strive to use the latest technology while balancing it with security and maintainability. It has allowed us to not only serve a near billion annual pageviews on our main application, but also to build two completely new products in a short time span. Migrating to the latest Symfony framework and utilizing a design system based on TailwindCSS has increased our velocity even further and reduced our lead times.

Embracing collaboration in a hybrid culture

Choosing to operate within a flat hierarchy creates a culture of trust and collaboration. Team members with different backgrounds and skill sets often work together to deliver results across a wide range of features and projects. This not only cultivates opportunities for professional development but also helps the team to tackle unique challenges as a unit.

“Our goal is to support, mentor and educate each team member so that we all possess the same knowledge and work to the same skill level.” - Kostia

At 360 Digital Starters, sprint planning is an extension of this flat hierarchy. We ensure that all team members are part of the planning process and have the space to manage their own work, based on business requirements, in each cycle. This open approach allows them to discuss and prioritize projects as a group, set realistic goals, and achieve targets as a team.

Through regular retrospectives and active knowledge sharing, our developers are given the opportunity to build upon their skills and learn through doing.

Take ownership of your work to empower your growth

Ownership and recognition go hand in hand with professional growth, and while collaboration and a shared vision are integral to our success, we also place a strong emphasis on individual responsibility and empowerment. Team members are encouraged to assume full ownership of their assigned tasks or projects. We believe this approach enables team members to push the boundaries of their capabilities and apply innovative ideas to create even better outcomes.

By giving each team member this sense of ownership, we create an environment where everyone feels empowered to take initiative, make decisions, and drive progress in their respective field. This level of autonomy is designed to instill a sense of self-belief and the ability to learn and adapt in the face of challenges.

“In my current project, I am trying daily to improve it by making it more stable and profitable. As things like traffic increase and functionality grow, it becomes increasingly complex to manage. It’s a great challenge.” - Misha

Part of empowering growth is to facilitate training, as well as feedback. That’s why we support our employees with an education budget that can be utilized to expand their professional skills and provide the space for them to explore the latest advancements.

Could you be the missing component in our tech team?

Everyone knows that a technical project manager is key in translating business requirements into actionable tasks and bringing everyone—whether that be product owners, content writers, designers, or management—together to ensure deadlines and criteria are met. They’re the bridge builder; making sure that all the pieces fit together to achieve the team's goals.

Currently, our project management setup is undergoing changes. We’re migrating software projects to Github Projects + Zenhub for better integration and automation while preserving the metrics we have accumulated over the years to help us better evaluate how our team’s output contributes to overall business outcomes.

Are you a technical project manager searching for a new challenge? If overseeing ongoing projects, maintaining an uninterrupted workflow through the use of collaboration tools, and working within a hybrid environment sounds like an exciting opportunity, then head over to our careers page for further information on the position.


Ready to join us?

Now you know the awesome team behind our brands TerraYou, GimmeMore, and QuizArena. You know how much coffee we consume, how we work, and how many languages we speak. The most important thing about our tech, however, is that it’s always growing. As our business expands we need our tech team to expand with it and continue to help us deliver the excellent service our customers are used to. A bigger company means bigger challenges and even bigger rewards for anyone who is interested in being part of an international and dynamic tech department. Most of all, what really makes our team stand out is its open and supportive culture.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re not the first to take this path, and you’re not the last. Ask for help, ask questions, learn from the answers.” – Kostia

If you're passionate about technology and innovation and thrive in a collaborative team environment, then the tech team at 360 Digital Starters may be your perfect next career move. Be sure to regularly check our career page for current job openings.


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