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Inside our online marketing team: roles, responsibilities, and results

At 360 Digital Starters, our top priority is to connect with our global audience by creating engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Our online marketing team is an essential part of how we achieve this goal.

Through their expertise and dedication, the team works diligently to spread and support our online presence across various successful brand platforms, ensuring that our content reaches and connects with people across the globe. They are a vital part of how we are continuing to build a strong and lasting relationship with our audience.

Marketing with a purpose

Our online marketing team is dedicated to supporting the high-quality content created by our team of professional writers and editors across multiple online platforms.

Using specialist market knowledge, they plan data-driven campaigns that resonate with our audience, allowing them to gain deeper insights into their needs and connect them seamlessly with the products that offer them the best experience. By closely analyzing a range of different metrics, our team is able to optimize each campaign they run in order to ensure that the right content is reaching the right people. They are the bridge between us and our users.

“Every day, something happens in the market, it is very cool to be able to observe it and, even better, to be able to influence our position there.” – Yuliia.

To be a successful team member you need to possess both courage and confidence in what you do. Trialing new approaches, campaigns, and markets, as well as experimenting with innovative content is a key part of the job and it’s imperative you have the ability to embrace failure as a natural part of the process. Testing new waters is vital to gaining a better understanding of our business, our audience, and how to deliver what they need.

A day in the life

Our marketing managers are accountable for planning, executing, and optimizing promotional strategies and campaigns across various digital platforms. Using a range of key performance indicators, they are responsible for monitoring and assessing each campaign's effectiveness. Ensuring a positive customer experience is a fundamental part of what they do, and therefore their focus is always on how to improve connections with our audience.

“I really appreciate that we can actually influence business results, and that our work is so dynamic” – Maria

This role involves working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, which demands excellent communication skills and continuous teamwork. Not just within the marketing team but also with other departments such as content, design, and product.

Working with partners in markets across the globe, our team has worked hard to establish and strengthen our brand's global presence. Through this collaboration, our team has gained extensive international professional experience.

“What I personally like is the communication with account managers across the globe.” – Anna.

Their commitment to building an international presence enables us to reach and engage with users from all around the world. As such, the team can launch campaigns that resonate with local audiences to help us build trust, establish credibility, and ultimately expand our offerings to accommodate a wider range of customers and offer a truly inclusive experience.

A truly collaborative experience

A tight-knit team, consisting of members from diverse national backgrounds, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Serbia, everyone brings unique cultural perspectives and traditions to both their personal and professional interactions.

By fostering strong bonds outside of the office, the team is better placed to create a more collaborative environment at work.

“We enjoy going to lunch together every few weeks or having a coffee in a nearby cozy cafeterias. We play beach volleyball in spring and summer and drink Glühwein in winter. ” – Nemanja

If this sounds interesting, and you're passionate about communication, achieving data-driven results, and thriving in a multicultural team environment, the marketing team at 360 Digital Starters may be your perfect next career move. Be sure to regularly check our career page for current job openings.


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