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TerraYou: Launch of our new platform

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our new website: TerraYou—a brand new e-commerce platform that supports people on their journey of self-discovery through free personality assessments, research-backed articles, and premium result reports.

Following years of research, testing, and user feedback, we isolated our expertise to develop a destination that not only provides our customers with a quality platform to continuously learn about themselves, but also provides our partners with a unique opportunity to monetize their reach or tap into a valuable new market.

Get to know the new platform through our customer’s eyes with the TerraYou promo video: was launched under the new company of TerraYou GmbH and is dedicated to creating a quality and unique experience for customers seeking to explore their personality. Available in both English and German, TerraYou is seeing its first traffic from around the world and we’re excited to report already very high engagement, recommendation rates, and positive feedback from customers.

Our premium offering

TerraYou is the first in our repertoire to offer an established premium component—with nearly every free personality test we provide customers with the opportunity to dive deeper into their results by purchasing their premium result report.

These highly engaging PDF reports have been carefully curated by our in-house experts to offer customers extensive insights into their results, as well as to provide unique strategies and actionable exercises for further personal growth.

As our customer base continues to increase, we’re excited to build up a community of passionate self-explorers and develop even more features and tools based on real-time data and partnerships that will further enhance the TerraYou platform.

Work with us: Join the TY affiliate programme

Whether you are a large network, independent site, or an influencer, TerraYou provides an exciting opportunity to bring added value to your customer base or further monetize. With a growing inventory of highly engaging content, our site has been tailored to help partners earn the most commission possible.

Monetize your audience with added value:

  • Take advantage of our bespoke creative inventory

  • Capitalize on a large database of marketing content in different languages

  • Have a 1:1 relationship with the TerraYou Affiliate team and choose content to fit your specific audience and needs

  • Enjoy transparency in order to optimize your performance and drive your revenue in a fun, simple, and integrated way.

At 360 Digital Starters, we've worked extensively with partners all over the world to entertain, grow, and drive revenue together. TerraYou is utilizing that expertise and experience to bring you an exciting and valuable opportunity through its new Affiliate Program. Learn more about our success stories, and how YOU can register to become a part of our Affiliate Program today.

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