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Inside our content team: collaboration, craftsmanship, and creativity

At 360 Digital Starters, our content team helps breathe life into our mission to engage, inform, and entertain a diverse global audience. Working seamlessly with other creative and analytical departments such as business, product, design, and marketing, the content team skillfully weaves everything together to create high-quality and meaningful content that resonates across borders and cultures.

From crafting long-form articles and researching complex product concepts to creating tricky brain-teasers and entertaining trivia questions—our team's expertise is wide-ranging. At 360 Digital Starters, we’ve created an environment where team members can share their ideas and create content that captivates millions of quiz aficionados across our different platforms and connects people around the world.

“I like variety—whether it’s a complex article, marketing copy, or quiz questions. Each type of text is delightful in its own way!” – Patricia

Their unwavering commitment and professionalism have a profound impact on what we do, propelling us closer to our goals and forging a deeper connection with our eclectic audience.

What it means to be a successful member of our team

To excel in our content team, you need to have a keen eye for detail, a sense of curiosity, and a dedication to building your skillset day in, and day out. The sheer diversity of subjects we cover—from technology to travel—challenges us to shift perspectives, adapt our tone, and embrace different writing styles on a daily basis. This dynamic aspect of our work keeps us engaged and helps us reach audiences from all backgrounds across the globe.

“Our team’s cultural diversity and different interests means that as the team lead I get to prepare and coordinate some really interesting projects. It’s my favorite part of the job.” – Mandy

In addition to mastering the subject matter, we also refine our abilities in various types of digital content, including articles, videos, quiz questions, marketing messages, UX copy, and more. Drawing from our international backgrounds, we possess a unique advantage when it comes to crafting a range of different content for a diverse global audience.

As a Berlin-based company we write primarily for DACH and English-speaking markets, but we also offer products in a range of other European and international languages, such as Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, and Chinese.

Everyone should be able to access the best quality content that resonates with them. So for us, what matters most is being able to reach as many people as possible. We want everyone—no matter their background or location—to find a product that they love and can relate to on our platforms.

Establishing credibility and building the foundations of trust

In a world where misinformation can spread like wildfire, our commitment to producing legitimate content stands strong.

“What we say matters, so when I post on our social media channels I always do deep dives into the topics we cover.” - Kseniia

Thorough research and meticulous fact-checking are more than just steps in our process. They're the very foundation on which we build each piece of content.

We are invested in creating quality content that both our readers and partners can trust. Their confidence in our work is what fuels our drive, and passion for what we do.

Prioritizing growth and collaboration to meet our goals

Work in our content team is fast-paced and highly interactive. Given its dynamic nature, we collaborate with colleagues from a range of departments, such as design, product, tech, and marketing in order to craft the best products for our customers. As such, our ethos is rooted in open communication, mutual support, and a shared dedication to our work.

“I love the way we all work towards one goal as a company, and how the content team is there to give voice to that vision.” - Emily

With a mixture of on-site and off-site work, we tie our hybrid team together through the use of various digital communication tools. We regularly connect to pitch ideas and discuss projects we’d like to pursue based on audience feedback and preference. We believe our setup promotes transparency and ensures everyone is heard, ideas are shared, and feedback matters. Regular in-person meet-ups and team-building activities also make sure that we connect as friends, as well as just colleagues.

Because we produce such a wide variety of content, it's crucial for us to keep growing professionally through regular training. A personal education budget allows us to refine our skills and expand our knowledge on an ongoing basis. This commitment to improving our professional abilities ensures that our content remains accurate, meaningful, and in line with the latest industry standards.

Does this sound like you?

Now that you've got a glimpse of how we operate and what drives us, does our diverse and globally skilled content team sound like a group you'd like to be a part of?

We hope so! The key thing about our company is that it keeps growing, and as we expand, we need our content team to grow along with it, maintaining the excellent service our audience expects. With a bigger company comes bigger challenges and even more varied and interesting content, providing a unique avenue for you to hone and refine your craft.

Most importantly, what sets our team apart is its welcoming and supportive atmosphere. It's this friendly vibe that makes us stand out, creating an environment where everyone who is ready to work can thrive.

If you're passionate about content and innovation and thrive in a collaborative team environment, then the content team at 360 Digital Starters may be your perfect next career move. Be sure to regularly check our career page for current job openings.


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