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Is cultural diversity key to success?

Creating a diverse work environment isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do. Hiring people with different backgrounds equips companies with employees that can approach problems from different perspectives and solve problems from different angles. Diversity not only fosters efficiency through innovation, but also encourages a non-judgmental and open-minded workplace where people of different gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and culture can truly excel.

Our team, at present, consists of 35 colleagues from 17 different countries with a total of 19 languages spoken. We pride ourselves in this diversity and believe it has played a huge role in our success, strength, and growth as a company.

“Working with people from different parts of the world (as is the case at 360 Digital Starters) helps you to have a different perspective on things. People are more open to your opinions and are more understanding when you face difficulties or challenges. My colleagues are open and kind and are always willing to help. The main thing is that we keep learning from one another!” Jackie, Graphic Designer.

Diverse teams better understand diverse markets

Variety is integral to understanding your audience. Whether you’re writing a blog, selling a game, marketing a quiz, or gathering followers on social media, having someone in your team who belongs to that market is a great way to test out your ideas. If your team has those first-hand cultural experiences then they can steer the direction and tone, help you to better connect to your audience, and flag any potential pitfalls. We produce content for users all around the world and having experienced insight into those markets - whether it be Russia, South America, US, UK, Germany, China, Spain, or somewhere else - is incredibly beneficial.

Having a team made up of people who come from different backgrounds and have a range of life experiences, encourages me to see things from various perspectives when tackling problems” – Barbara, Editorial Manager

Innovation in variation

We have a wide range of platforms and channels to ensure that the right product is reaching the right user. To do this effectively, we explore different approaches to tackling different problems – the more ideas we have, the more likely we are to create relevant and engaging products that not only entertain our users but also contribute to our growth as a company. Having a team that is compiled of people with different experiences, educations, and backgrounds, allows us to see the same problem in different ways and maximize our potential of finding solutions that will be a success.

A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2018 found that companies with above-average diversity scores, reported revenue through innovation at 19% higher than companies that had a below-average diversity score. To put it simply, companies that support and foster diversity see a return in investment through innovation, as they are better equipped to recognise and adapt to consumer demands.

“Employing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences can help cultivate consideration for alternative pathways of thinking about a particular task or product that may have previously been unconsidered due to the limits of one’s own experiences and cultural upbringing. In my short time at 360 Digital Starters, I have had the pleasure of interacting with a diverse group of colleagues and I look forward to continuing to exchange cultural perspectives and expanding my consideration of what is possible both professionally and personally.” – Ryan, Content Manager

Work culture benefits

Demonstrating that your company values and understands different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences creates an environment of inclusivity, which is very appealing to employees and can in practice reduce turnover.

For me, it is very important having leaders who value and respect difference, which in my opinion, is crucial to making people feel like they can be themselves in the workplace.” – Barbara, Editorial Manager.

At 360 Digital Starters, we strive to integrate our diversity into our company practices. Prior to lockdown, we enrolled in a MBTI workshop so that we could delve a little deeper into our different personalities, learn about our team members and build stronger relationships through improved communication habits.

Some of our team at the MBTI Workshop

Of course diversity can come with its problems - we’re no stranger to differences in opinions and occasional struggles to reach an understanding – but if you can find a constructive approach and see the beauty, innovation, and possibilities in your colleagues' differences, then diversity can be the most powerful tool at your disposal.


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