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Meet the Team: Yang

Yang is one of our wonderful co-founders and works closely with the Services Team to make sure we have the best possible internal tools to build high-quality and interactive products for our users. We recently caught up with him to learn about his work and the role he plays in the company.

Meet Yang!

Hi Yang! Let’s kick this off with some backstory - tell us a little about how you came to Berlin

I come from China originally, from a “small” city (population of 10 million) called Hangzhou, which is quite near to Shanghai. I came to Berlin as a student and studied at the Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin) before starting my career in the game industry. I got my first job here purely by coincidence, but it led me to meet the very people that I would later join forces with to establish 360 Digital Starters.

A lucky coincidence! So what does your day to day look like now?

I take care of the Services Team who, in turn, take care of developing and maintaining the products and internal tools that support our business. When a request comes through for a new feature or someone has a great idea for a project, we’ll listen to their goals and work out possible technical solutions that can bring this idea to life, while addressing any risks. Part of my role is managing these requests to ensure that the big-picture projects, the ones that bring the most development potential to the company, are completed to deadline. I also help to bridge the gap between the Services Team and Management, so that both parties have up-to-date information on development and know not only what we are working on, but why we are working on it.

Do you think there’s a specific mind-set that helps you succeed in this type of job – or any job for that matter?

Definitely! I believe there are two key attitudes a person has to have to succeed: “be curious” and “be responsible”.

  1. Be curious and learn new things with an open mind. Accepting new approaches, suggestions, and even criticism is the best way for you to develop and is key to success.

  2. Be responsible by taking care of your tasks and projects. Try to look at everything from a higher perspective and ask yourself questions to make sure you stay on track: “Am I doing the right thing at the right moment in the right way?” —this kind of attitude helps you to avoid pitfalls along the way, which in turn allows you to take on more responsibility.

Wise words. I better start writing these down! Do you have any words of wisdom for someone visiting Berlin?

Try the Curry & Chili Berliner Currywurst on Osloer Str. (It’s delicious, but I don't take any responsibility for the consequences).

Thanks for the tip (I think). So what do you miss most from home?

My favorite Chinese holiday is the Mid-Autumn Festival, because family members always gather together to celebrate. It will be hard to miss that this year, but it’s a nice reminder to stay in contact with family, whether it’s online or simply for a phone call.

One final question before we let you get back to work. Any hidden talents?

Ha! Well, I was once a half-professional player on FPS games, particularly Quake, and I can also play Gomoku, which is a board game, really well.


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