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Expanding our product portfolio

In the last three years our team has almost doubled in size. This has given us the time, talent, and strength to start allocating resources into researching, developing, and expanding our portfolio with value-added premium products. While our content is still free-to-play, we wanted to provide users with additional offers, at affordable and competitive prices, that open up opportunities to access ad-free experiences and real digital rewards.

Introducing the IQ Premium

IQ products have always been popular with our users and each year we see millions of people around the world discovering their IQ scores through our tests. But up until recently we could only offer users a basic result, when we wanted to provide them with so much more – something tangible that they could build their learnings on and share with their friends, family, and even wider professional network. We spent a year researching what our current users needed that neither us nor our competitors were supplying and working on a solution that could not only support our own growth as a company but would also open up new avenues of entertainment for our customers. Once we knew the interest was there our IQ product evolved into a premium venture.

What’s special about the Premium IQ Test

The Premium IQ Test not only offers an ad-free experience, but, for a small one-time fee, also gives users the opportunity to purchase their exact score, detailed performance analysis, and high-quality digital certificate. Our experienced team of digital-assessment leaders have also curated an in-depth learning hub (including practice test, learning resources, and articles), which are all free to access, to assist users with their IQ journey and help them achieve their best possible score.

Ensuring our content is accessible for all is an important part of our company mission, which is why the IQ test and learning materials are still free-to-play, and why the additional premium features come at a more affordable and competitive price compared to other products on the market. The IQ Premium Test is currently available in three languages (English, German, and Spanish)

Launch of the Enneagram Test

IQ tests are not our only popular product type. We have a huge market for personality tests, with millions of users visiting our sites every day to learn more about their identity – whether they want to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, or simply take a break to figure out which Harry Potter house they belong in, we’ve got a test to fit all needs. One stand-out personality test that garners a lot of interest from users all around the world, is the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a model for understanding human psychology and has been used for decades as a tool to help people on their journey to self-discovery. Similar to IQ, we have our own version of the Enneagram test and wanted to provide users with an additional premium option to unlock a more in-depth analysis of their result and heightened understanding of how their personality type can impact their life. Users can still take the full Enneagram Test for free and get a basic overview of their personality type for free, but for those users who want to delve a little deeper, we offer a premium add-on for an incredibly competitive price of $0,99.


What’s next for product premiumization?

We hope that the addition of premium products will pave the way for further expansion and allow us to provide even more users with offers that matter to them. You can find our current premium products on the GimmeMore homepage.


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