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Celebrating our in-house Design Team

Our team of in-house designers are no strangers to waving their magic wands to achieve the wide array of creatives required by the company. Our broad range of platforms, channels, and products demands that the designers apply their creative juices to developing visually exciting solutions for many different audiences. Working in such a diverse environment requires them to consider many factors when fulfilling the expectations, criteria, and vision of both our stakeholders and consumers. But, at the same time, they need to envision how to unify all of these requirements in a way that is both unique and identifiable.

With April 26th marking ‘World Intellectual Property Day,’ we couldn’t think of a more fitting time to celebrate some of the unique creations that our in-house design team have produced over the years for millions of users to enjoy worldwide.

Interstellar adventurer

Our interstellar feline adventurer was created to put a fun twist on the IQ Test. Adults and children alike can follow Space Cadet as he travels the galaxy to seek knowledge and unlock planets. It's an IQ test wrapped into a fun and exciting cosmic challenge! And, with the combined forces of our creative team, players can now unlock video tasks where they can help an animated Space Cadet land his rocket safely.

"When designing Space Cadet I wanted to create something that was cute but that also had a twist of nerdy. I thought a cat dressed in a lab coat was perfect and hence our little Space Cadet was born." - Nathalie, Senior Designer.

Intellitest brand champion

People who love a good brain-teaser, puzzle, and head scratcher will likely be very familiar with the content on our Intellitest site. One of the first brands created by our company, Intellitest challenges people to test their knowledge across a wide-range of tricky topics and players are often encouraged on by the instantly recognizable Einstein-style mascot that was created in-house, by one of our original designers.

The challenge was to create a character that represented intelligence [and who better than Einstein himself], but also added a sense of encouragement and fun. I created the character in combination with the atom-style website logo, and I think it worked out really well!” - Anait, Graphic Designer.

Need help? Ask Mia!

As our team grew and our technical capabilities expanded, we began to introduce ‘jokers’ or ‘lifelines’ into our trickier quizzes, which can assist players with the questions. If activated, for example, users might be able to remove two wrong answers from the question so that they have a better chance of picking the correct answer and achieving a higher score. This is a relatively new feature and something our users were not fully familiar with, so to help explain how each lifeline works, we introduced ‘Mia’ – our friendly assistant who helps to explain the rules.

Spiritual imagery

Spiritual topics are popular with many people, but as spiritual imagery is so uniquely interpreted and can be tricky to find, our designers will often create beautiful graphics in-house. Below is an example from a German-based test on Indian Gods.

Baby Baldo

Baby Baldo has been getting up to no good in our quizzes for over three years now! One of our first ever recurring characters, Baldo was created in-house for our take on the traditional search-and-find style picture game. His popularity was so great that we have since expanded the family to include a sister, Baby Bella, and numerous cousins, such as Baby Pablo and Baby Pepe, for our international players.

Can you help find Baby Baldo at the beach? >>


For regular challenges and all the latest graphics from our incredible Design Team, follow our Instagram account, Gimmemore_Play!


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