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Don't be a desk potato

Having a desk job while trying to maintain an active lifestyle can often feel like a tricky combination. Technology has made it easy for us to stay seated all day. Need to talk to a colleague? Send them an email. Fancy lunch? Order it in online. But while the idea of hanging at your desk until 5pm sounds like the norm, it can prove detrimental to your health.

So, in an effort to be more health-conscious, many Start-Ups are trying the figure out the perfect solution to create an active and healthy office. At 360 Digital Starters, we’ve come up with our own small changes which are making a big impact.

1. Urban Sports membership

We offer our employees a generously subsidized gym membership with the Urban Sports Club, which allows members to partake in many different activities – including gyms, dance classes, yoga, swimming, bouldering and more – across hundred of locations throughout Berlin.

And on top of that, if one of our members goes to 20 or more sporting activities over three months, they are rewarded with an extra half day vacation. If they can achieve this each quarter, that adds up to two whole extra days leave. Not bad considering that only requires two activities a week!

2. Active outings

We’re an active bunch and often get together to try out new sports together. So far, we’ve taken up Beach Volleyball, tried our balancing skills in the River Spree while Standup Paddling, taken part in a 5K run, and next week will even test our climbing skills at the Bouldering clubs. None of these activities are compulsory, but lots of the team are keen to get involved, even if it’s for the first time.

3. Daily stretching

Each day, we encourage our employees to join in with a 15 minute stretching session. We’re lucky enough to work with a former yoga instructor, who kindly offers her time to host these sessions and get people up and moving from their desks.

4. Standing desks and exercise balls

All of our employees are required to work with computers, but that doesn’t mean they have to sit at their desks to do so. They can switch out their chair for an exercise ball or one of our standing desks, allowing them to sit (or stand) up straight, strengthen their core, and tone their muscles.

5. Company runs

Last year, fourteen of the 360 Digital Starters team participated in Berliner Firmenlauf – one of the biggest company running events in Berlin. This 5.5K run through Berlin’s city center was a great way for us to come together and join in with that team spirit.

Many of us hadn’t run in an event like this before (or trained) and some were a little hesitant to get involved, but once signed up there were absolutely no regrets. Thanks to the great atmosphere and our amazing set of supporters, every one of us managed to make it past the finish line and enjoy the well-earned after-party of pizza and drinks.


We must all keep moving despite our desk jobs. It's important to put time aside in the working day to weave activity into your life. We hope that these small changes will ensure our employees have all the opportunities they need to stay active.


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