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Introducing our 2022 School Internship Program

2022 marked our second year of hosting an Internship Program in partnership with local schools. This January we were thrilled to invite four students to spend one-two weeks in our Berlin office so that they could experience the different roles, tasks, and culture that a start-up has to offer.

What students gain from an internship

Internships (“Praktikum”) in Germany are considered an important part of the education process and, as such, many opportunities exist for students to apply for internships in several industries. The primary purpose of any internship is to give children and young adults practical work experience so that they can explore possible professions that they might enjoy and thrive in.

As a growing start-up that features a diversity of roles and projects, we wanted to offer our time and expertise to showcase the different professions available in the start-up industry and to equip our interns with a better understanding of how their own skills can be transferred into these different roles.

Our Internship Program

Two-week Program:

During their two-week period with us, three of our interns—Arthur, Laurenz, and Yixuan—learned how to:

  • Assess the market, identify target audiences, and conduct competitor research

  • Brainstorm and pitch original product ideas

  • Research, write, and edit content

  • Design original, relevant, and copyright-safe images

  • Create and edit products through our Content Management System (CMS)

  • Build marketing campaigns and launch their products

  • Create promotional material for our social media and marketing channels

  • Create a webpage through the Strikingly website builder to promote their internship experience

Below you can check out the finished products they created as well as some of the incredible designs that they put together.

In addition, Arthur, Laurenz, and Yixuan, worked together to create (in under a day!) a webpage through which they could promote their work experience and final products.

One-week Program:

Killian—who was limited to a one-week internship—worked closely with our Design and Content Team to create original content for our Social Media platforms and learn about the different steps in both the content, design, and optimization process.

This internship has moved me to figure out what I would like to do when I grow up. I always wanted to become a doctor, but now I can see myself in another field, like 3D computer design.” - Killian

Final thoughts

We were thrilled to host the internship this year and provide students with an opportunity (which may have otherwise been missed due to Covid-19 restrictions) to gain insights into the different professions available to them. We hope to facilitate further young minds in the future and wish our four interns from 2022 all the best as they continue their studies and edge nearer to finding careers of their own.

Our People Operations Manager, Sophia, who helped coordinate the onboarding and schedule of our 2022 Program, shares her final thoughts on the experience:

“There are several jobs you learn about as a kid: a doctor, a policeman, a postal worker… I believe that our internship opened their eyes to a whole different world: marketing, product design, UI-UX and content creation. It is very important to know from a young age, which opportunities are out there, to make an informed decision.”

“We were all so impressed with our intern’s awareness of their personal goals, as well as their visions of their professional future, at just 13-14 years of age. They have all proven to be very talented in different areas and being such fast learners they did not just complete tasks quicker than we anticipated, but they came up with extra tasks and ideas on the go!”


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