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Considerations in isolation

Woman in mask giving her dog a high-five

In times of upheaval it is important to recognize the moments of normalcy that remain despite the surrounding commotion. The Coronavirus pandemic may have thrown our world into tumult, but this doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the flashes of happiness or experiences that come with this new reality. In today’s article, we look at considerations for the quarantine to keep you grounded in a time that may otherwise feel overwhelming.

Consider ‘hygge’

No, that’s not a spelling mistake. Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gue’) is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of content and well-being through the enjoyment of the simple things. For example, reading a book with a hot cup of tea on a rainy weekend, appreciating the trees on a walk, or simply wearing comfy clothes and watching a movie – these small cozy acts can bring so much joy to your daily routine.

Woman on sofa drinking a cup of tea

Consider cooking

The kitchen is a good place to be when you’re stuck in a lockdown. With extra time inside, there are plenty of great recipes to try out. You can expand your culinary skills with new techniques and finesse those familiar recipes that bring you comfort.

Our top picks for online inspiration include:

A man and two women cooking together in a kitchen

Consider your emotions

The constant updates from friends and influencers showing off the daily runs they’ve been on, the new skills they’ve learned, and all those books they’ve managed to read, can be…frustrating. Nobody should have to feel bad for how they approach the quarantine, but with the impact of social media it’s easy to feel guilty or panicked about how you’re spending your time. Don’t. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and it is OK to not feel OK. Take note of your emotions and do the things that bring you joy – and if that means watching Netflix instead of doing 50 press-ups a day, then that’s just fine.

Consider your neighbors and your neighborhood

Next time you head out for your socially distant walk, take in the buildings, the fresh air, the smell of the flowers and the sounds. You might just notice beautiful details that you’ve never had the time to appreciate before. And while you’re doing that, consider your neighbors. Remember to wave, to smile, or to say hello (from a safe distant of course). We’re all in this together and it’s the little things that can help us feel less alone.

A young woman walking outside in her neighborhood

Consider decluttering

Take care of the space around you. Decluttering your home can help to reduce anxiety and establish a sense of control that otherwise might feel lost. Consider recycling old clothes, sorting through old papers, and removing items you no longer love. We promise you’ll feel lighter at the end of it.

Consider the climate

Consider the positive impact that a world on lockdown has had on the environment. With most of us working from home and very few traveling, the world has finally been able to take a healthy breather from damaging pollutants.

A woman drinking from a bottle of water on the coastline looking out to sea

Consider quizzes

If you haven’t already taken part in a virtual quiz over Zoom with your friends, colleagues, or family, then we highly recommend you give it a go. Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge in a fun and interactive way - and we have a huge repertoire of online content for you to play. Our GimmeMore site has a huge range of pop culture, general knowledge, puzzles, and entertainment quizzes, along with personality, spiritual, and IQ tests.


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