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The rise of video content

Video is now recognized as a powerful marketing medium in the digital world and, over recent years, there has been a clear shift in how we consume content⁠—with social media giants such as Facebook, Reddit, and Snap Chat battling to create the most engaging videos.

So why is video so popular?

Let’s start with the basics: Internet users everywhere enjoy video content. In fact, according to a recent study by Oberlo, over 85% of all internet users in the U.S. consumed online video content each month. But why? Well, in simple terms, video is much easier to consume. The motion of video often grabs our attention much quicker than static images and, with the rising trend in big companies utilizing regular video content, not only do we like to watch videos, but we expect to see them.

What this means for us?

It is our mission to create content that entertains, educates, and engages people throughout the world. True to this mission, we’ve adapted to provide our users with video content that is compelling, relevant, fun, and unique. Fans of our sites may have already noticed a growing inventory of video-based quizzes and tests that have provided an extra interactive layer to our usual set-up.

As a fast-growing company, we’re constantly looking for ways to provide the best possible online quiz-experience for our users and developing new features that enable us to adapt to demand is a huge part of this. This new medium has allowed us to transform how we present our questions and communicate to our users in a different way.

Our video showcase

We may be a small, eclectic bunch of just 30+ people, but give us a new challenge and we’ll certainly rise to it. At 360 Digital Starters, we are lucky enough to house a huge wealth of talent including an amazing bunch of content writers and graphic designers with the skills to produce high-quality video, in-house! Check out just a handful of the videos produced this year.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter personality tests and quizzes prove to be incredibly popular with our usersand bringing their favorite characters to life with amazing animation and design is an extra layer of magic we couldn’t resist.

See if you can help Harry and friends find the hidden objects in this fun and interactive quiz.

Interstellar IQ Adventure

Embark on an amazing journey through the IQ Universe and help our Space Cadet gain knowledge as he travels from planet to planet. With every question solved, you can watch this beautifully animated character grow and calculate your IQ score!

It's an IQ test wrapped into a fun and exciting cosmic challenge.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Lost Jewels

With Scotland Yard at a loss, we need the help of Sherlock Holmes (and you!) to solve the case of the missing jewels. The game’s afoot!

Can you help the sharp-witted detective and his trusty companion, Dr Watson, with this most peculiar case?

Life in a lockdown office

And it doesn't stop there! We love to share video updates with our followers about the company and our team too. Lately, this has meant some insights into the pandemic from a business perspective, and how we’ve been working hard to ensure our colleagues can return to the office in a safe and productive way.

Follow our Instagram account, gimmemore_team, for some team exclusives and business insights!

The Element

Your trapped in space and your ship is out of gas. Our users will need their wit to solve the challenges in this 3D-Video game.

Can you harvest the element in order to refuel and return home?


Huge thanks to Moritz, Kseniia, Wal, and Nathalie for creating these (and lots more!) videos for us.


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