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Our top 10 mind-boggling facts

At 360 Digital Starters, we enrich people’s lives with accessible products and services that not only entertain but educate and inform. That’s why our quizzes, tests, and articles are always accompanied by fascinating facts, so that readers have the opportunity to learn even more about the topics that interest them, as they play.

Did you know...?

Once our content writers have developed an engaging topic idea, they’ll spend time researching articles, databases, and websites to discover interesting facts and theories that will boggle the minds of millions of our users. Here’s a few of our favorites…

#1 Feeling compassionate?

The painkiller acetaminophen helps reduce pain and inflammation, but it can also temporarily dull your empathy! Researchers discovered that people who took acetaminophen were less likely to think other people’s pain was a big deal.

#2 Hidden creatures

Our oceans are mysterious places full of strange creatures and remain some of the least explored areas of the planet. Extreme pressure, cold, and darkness give rise to giant tube worms, vampire squids, and goblin sharks. Perhaps one of the strangest creatures is the barreleye, a fish with a completely transparent head!

#3 Computer trivia

The first computer was invented in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering. The computer, ENIAC, weighed 60,000 pounds and was larger than most studio apartments!

#4 Smells of space

Have you ever looked up at the night-time sky, admired the stars, and wondered what space smells like? Well, according to some former astronauts, space has a lingering and distinct odor. Oddly enough, it has been described as smelling a lot like hot metal or searing steak!

#5 Why we have our best ideas in the shower

Have you ever had a great idea in the shower? In a 2012 study published in Psychological Science, researchers discovered that taking a shower allows the mind to wander and people are more likely to solve problems.

The The spooky barreleye fish, with a completely transparent head!

#6 Red not dead

Despite what you may have heard, redheads are not a dying breed. Although both parents must carry the recessive gene in order to have a child with red hair, they do not both necessarily have to be red-heads themselves. This is how it can pop up generations down the line.

#7 Koala cousins

We all know that chimpanzees and gorillas have fingerprints that resemble human fingerprints, but did you know that there’s another animal out there that also has this trait. The adorable koala! Even to expert crime scene investigators, koala prints look eerily similar to human ones.

#8 Mummy’s favorite color

Color pigments used to be made from the material of old Egyptian mummies! Back in the 16th century, the so-called ‘mummy brown’ was very popular, especially in oil painting, among artists of the time. How macabre!

#9 Dancing sea lions

Humans have the ability to move their bodies in time to an external beat. The only other mammal on Earth with this ability is the sea lion. When researchers at the University of Santa Cruz rescued a sea lion, they discovered that she was able to learn how to dance and she was enjoying it.

#10 Clever canines

Incredibly, dogs have the ability to learn about 165 words! They respond best to short words and to words with hard consonants, like ‘t’ or ‘r’ - this might be why most dogs seem to be able to hear the word ‘treat’ from a mile away!


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