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Meet the Team: Abdul

Abdul joined the company as a Marketing Manager back in November 2018 and over the last two years has worked closely with advertising partners to ensure we bring the best and most relevant content to our users. We recently caught up with him to find out more about his work here at 360 Digital Starters, what he loves most about his role, and how he ended up living in Berlin.

Meet Abdul!

Hi Abdul! You were born and raised in Pakistan but now find yourself more than 3000 miles from home – tell us a little bit about that decision and what it was about Berlin that led you here.

It started when I moved to Lille (a small student town in the north of France) to pursue a Master’s degree in Online Marketing. In order to gain the required credits, I had the choice between remaining in Lille to write my thesis or taking an internship in Brussels. I opted for Brussels and worked there for almost 1.5 years. Although I made some good friends, the working environment did not suit me, and it forced me to rethink what it was exactly that I wanted. I remembered a trip I had made to Berlin back in 2015 and how impressed I’d been by the booming tech culture and cultural diversity. I felt, career-wise, that Berlin had a lot to offer and I decided to take the leap and move once more to a new city. I was lucky to land the role at 360 Digital Starters and to begin this next chapter of my life.

And what was it that attracted you to online marketing?

I had studied traditional (non-online) marketing as part of my BA program and actually worked in this field for a year prior to my move to Lille. It became clear to me, however, that the demand for online media, particularly abroad, was growing fast and I realized that with the right digital skills I could tap into this market instead and be in a better position to further my career. That’s why I then decided to take a Master’s degree in Online Marketing and CRM.

Well we’re certainly glad you made the switch! So what would you say is your favorite (and least favorite) part of the role?

I love that I have the ability to launch and test campaigns on a worldwide level. Having that flexibility and access to users across GEOs really helps me to learn about the different markets and languages—what works, what makes people tick, what grabs attention, and how this can all change based on who the user is. I guess my least favorite part is trying to optimize these campaigns on a publisher level, because it requires a lot of time and repetition each week.

How do you unwind after a busy day at the office?

I love to head into the city with friends and try out new food joints. It helps me to relax, while giving me the opportunity to discover new dishes. Besides that I enjoy hopping on my bike to explore Berlin—although with these wintery dark evenings, I tend to limit that to the summertime.

We know you also love to travel! Tell us about a trip that stands out above the others?

The most exciting trip I have ever taken was to Iceland. The landscape was so incredible that it felt like I was on a completely different planet. The nature was like nothing I had ever seen in all of the 43 countries that I have visited so far—on the one side there were geysers and on the other, mountains covered with snow. You only have to travel a few kilometers to find astonishing waterfalls. The whole experience was amazing and made me feel very calm within myself.

Sounds amazing! And what would you say is your most memorable trip within Berlin?

A few months ago I took the bike on a 110km round-trip to Müggelsee and stopped off for a picnic at New Venice, which is this beautiful intersection of canals and houses.

And finally—if you could be any animal which one would you be and what would be your ideal superpower?

I’d like to be a dog because they are quick to learn and incredibly loyal. As for the superpower, as I love to travel, I have to go with the ability to fly.

Thanks Abdul!


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