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How to stay energized in the office

Heavy eyelids? Dozing off in your too-comfy desk chair? Procrastinating at every opportunity? We’ve all had those days in the office where no matter how exciting the work or how many cups of coffee consumed, you just can’t stay focused. It’s no secret that long work hours combined with the dark and gloomy weather outside (in Berlin at least) make it difficult to stay energized. But, sigh and yawn no more, because our lively bunch of Digital Starters are sharing their top tips on how to stay alert, fresh, and motivated throughout the day.

8 quick tips to boost office mood and energy

Tip #1

Working out and walking about. Physical activity is a proven way to get the heart rate up and raise your energy levels. Many of our colleagues go to the gym, go for swims, or go to fitness classes such as Pilates before work begins. If that’s a little bit too ambitious for your morning, then we also recommend walking or cycling into work and stretching your legs at regular times throughout the day.

Tip #2

Stand don’t sit. Sitting in your chair for too long can make you feel tired. We encourage our team to move about and take their work to the standing desks or into the kitchen. Try to take mini breaks to do different things throughout the day so as to keep your brain active and challenged – for example you can empty the dishwasher, take a walk around the block, or have a chat with a colleague over a cup of tea.

Tip #3

Bright light is right. Try to get enough daylight in your office space. Open the curtains and position your laptop or desk (where possible) near a window. When the weather allows, we like to take our meetings outside.

Nikolay - Software Developer
“I try to take small breaks often - to make tea, grab a snack, or chat with people around. As a developer, it’s also important to give my eyes a break. Sometimes during lunch we take walks around the block” – Nikolay, Software Developer.

Tip #4

Seize the day. It can be hard to begin complex and creative tasks when you feel tired and are winding down for the day. Try to get these more challenging tasks out of the way in the morning so that you can focus on the simpler, smaller tasks after lunch.

Tip #5

Have a break. Make sure to get out of the office at least once a day. Going for a quick walk or going out for lunch is a great way to clear your head and re-set so that you feel better and refreshed when returning to the office. Our teams regularly go out for lunch together or to the gym during their breaks.

Tip #6

Focus on the outcome. It happens to us all – the dreaded tedious and monotonous task. Even the most creative of roles sometimes requires a little bit of admin. Our advice? Don’t procrastinate, put it off, or moan in the hope someone else will pick it up for you. Try to understand why the task is important to the company and your project(s) and attack it with enthusiasm. If you approach it positively, you might even be able to trick your brain into thinking it’s fun.

Nathalie - Graphic Designer
“I stay energized by making a smoothie towards the end of the day for a good pick me up boost. Also, as a creative person, I try sometimes to take a break from work and learn something new like painting, drawing or hand lettering.”– Nathalie, Graphic Designer.

Tip #7

Stay away from the coffee and cake. Sugar and caffeine may seem like the perfect quick fix when your energy levels are failing, but that boost is short lived and can actually make you feel more tired in the long run. This is definitely one we all struggle with, but by limiting your intake over time to just one cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll see a big difference in your overall energy levels throughout the day.

Tip #8

Smell the mood boosts. We recently realized that air humidifiers and oil diffusers are great additions to the office. Adding scents that are both bright and pleasant, while cleaning the air is a great way to boost your mood and your energy with minimal effort. Jasmine, orange and peppermint are popular scents in our Berlin hub.

Iuliia - Marketing
“I try to have something light to eat during lunch breaks, so that I still have some energy during the afternoons. Small coffee breaks and joking around with my marketing colleagues helps too. This way, my day flies by”. – Iuliia, Marketing

Are you about to burnout?

We can all feel a little over-worked, under-pressure and exhausted at work. Our fun and free self-assessment quiz assesses your risk of an office burnout and what you can do to avoid it. Don’t forget to use our top tips above to keep your mood and energy at a healthy and happy level!


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