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How helped us reach a new level of organization

It’s no secret that multitasking can damage productivity—and if your team is using numerous tools, it’s likely they’re getting derailed from their workflow and their focus. How do we know? We know from experience. Prior to 2020 our projects and processes were scattered across multiple business tools and our colleagues were spending an agonizing amount of time switching between them, trying to locate information, and struggling to find a clear overview of their tasks. It was messy. We needed a practical solution to help streamline our processes, increase the team’s efficiency, and improve project collaboration. That’s where came in.

The ultimate visual project management tool makes information accessible for our employees and, in turn, makes it easier for us to plan, communicate, and manage our numerous projects. At a time where remote work has become the new norm and transparency is of the utmost importance, this cloud-based platform has certainly proved itself to be one of the most important tools in our arsenal.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top five reasons we believe every startup should make the switch.

#1 Manage everything in one place is potentially the most versatile project management tool you’ll find. Yes, it can be used to manage tasks, but it can also be used to track bugs, build roadmaps, organize ad campaigns, analyze test cases, manage large project processes, and collaborate with people both in and outside of your team. As an added bonus, it also has an incredibly simple interface meaning any user can get started right away with little to no training required.

#2 Keep focus through communication

Unlike other project management tools - where updates may be communicated outside the tool itself through email, meetings, or messenger threads – is transparent and makes it easy to convey information through real-life, customizable status blocks. Collaborators keep all information and commentary within one board and, through the many view options, can quickly see who's working on what and which tasks are still outstanding.

#3 Work efficiently with automation enables you to avoid human errors and streamline processes with automation. You can choose from a list of pre-made templates or create your own custom automation to, for example, use an event (such as a change in date or status) to trigger an action (like sending users a notification or moving a task).

#4 Visualize your projects

Project management doesn’t have to be an ugly mess. In fact, with its slick UI, empowers users to present their tasks in a clear, easy-to-use, and stylish way. You can pick from their many visual templates or create your own to plan, track, and deliver work in a way that suits you—and with its various view options (including timelines, intuitive dashboards, Kanban, and calendars) there’s no limit to how you can present your data in those all-important stakeholder meetings.

#5 Integrate your tools

Not ready to move absolutely everything over to No problem! With you can integrate the tools you already use so that your users don’t need to spend time switching and can still manage their work in one place. Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Dropbox, Excel, and Google Drive are just a few of the many popular tools they work with.

What our colleagues think

We made the switch to just over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. Following our one-year anniversary with the tool, we caught up with a couple of colleagues to hear their thoughts.


Kseniia manages our Instagram channels Gimmemore_play and Gimmemore_team.

“I think the best planning tool is the one that works for you personally. I won't deny, I'm a huge fan of a sheet of paper and a pen! But when it comes to sharing my ideas for Instagram posts with my team, asking them to proofread the copy or to help with the graphics (all within a tight deadline) then is the perfect solution.

“My planning board gives me a clear overview of the post schedule and the current state of each item. It's a place where I can centralize my ideas and stay on the same page with my colleagues, who are responsible for other communication channels. It’s flexible, intuitive, and very user-friendly!”


Louise manages multiple projects, including our premium IQ products.

“As a project manager, I have a lot of tasks running concurrently with different stakeholders and deadlines. has helped me to keep track of all the information and to connect with the many team members involved in each project. I would honestly be lost without it.”


You can find out more about and the different packages they offer on their website.


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