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A new era of sustainability

In recent surveys, a whopping 81% of global respondents felt strongly that companies play an important role in environmental matters. As a new era of sustainability rises, social responsibility is ebbing its way into conversation and beginning to touch every corner of the corporate world - including Berlin.

Working towards a sustainable company culture

At 360 Digital Starters, sustainability is key to our corporate mission. Rather than look at it as a large and daunting goal for the company, we decided to tackle it through easy-to-digest initiatives that could become part of the office day-to-day for our employees. We’ve begun by adapting and adopting new and existing behaviors within the company culture:

  • Previously we ordered fruits and veg in plastic packaging from an online delivery service. Now we shop for them daily at our local Bio supermarket, using the same re-usable carrier bags and only buying what we need to ensure we limit any unnecessary food waste.

  • We are great at recycling and ensure that anything that has to be disposed of is separated into either the bio waste, paper waste, or plastic waste containers.

  • All of our drink bottles are recyclable, and we ensure that these too are organized into the correct bottle crates for collection.

  • We also think about the environmental impact when planning our external events. We chose, for an example, an electric river boat over a diesel boat when organizing our summer party – which had the added bonus of being quieter, allowing us to enjoy the party playlist to the full!

  • In 2018, we installed an automated temperature regulation system. This meant that we no longer needed to remember to switch off the radiators at the end of the day or unintentionally waste energy by leaving them on.

  • We only use reusable cutlery and kitchenware and order reusable glass bottles over plastic.

  • We mostly have LED lighting in the office to save on energy.

  • Even our company hoodies are 100% recyclable cotton!

And this is just the start!

Sustainability is a huge part of who we are and as our company grows, we will continue to ensure that we do our part to make positive contributions to the world that we’re working with.


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