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2019: Our year in review

Wow did that year go by fast! From start of year initiatives to end of year parties, here’s a rundown of our achievements, memories, and very busy projects from 2019.

What we created

Our tech team worked hard this year to release a new Content Management System that has allowed our writers to produce fun, intelligent and complex content more efficiently for over 118M users worldwide. In fact 2019 has seen the creation of over 1.26BN questions and 1260 original quizzes and tests from our hardworking bunch of creatives. That’s a lot!

We were also thrilled to launch our brand-new corporate website and begin to share all of our achievements and updates with you through these blogs.

Team evolution

The year kicked off with some great new additions to our growing family, as we were thrilled to welcome new team members into our content, BI, and tech teams. As 360 Digital Starters remains a ‘melting pot’, with our team now coming from over 16 different countries, we also decided to take the opportunity this year to explore our different backgrounds, cultures and personalities through a company-wide Meyers-Briggs workshop.

The workshop revealed a detailed insight into our individual strengths, weaknesses and highlighted areas for change within the company culture as a whole. From this we introduced lots of new initiatives, including our wind-down Friday socials, team lunches, and weekly stand-ups.

Event Highlights

As an entertainment company, one thing we’ve really mastered is how to entertain ourselves. To start us off, we bid a fun farewell to Summer this year with a Prosecco-fueled boat cruise around Berlin followed by a stylish riverside party overlooking panoramic views of the river Spree.

“It was a beautiful place with lots of space, and we had a great disco playlist to listen to. There were also lot of tasty vegan treats, which I especially enjoyed.” – Jeanne, Designer

In October we embraced one of our favourite German traditions – Oktoberfest. Dressed in our finest dirndls and lederhosen, we grabbed some beers and joined the crowds to dance to music and loudly sing ‘Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit’, while standing together on the long beer hall benches.

“I attended Octoberfest in Belgium last year, but 2019 gave me a chance to experience Oktoberfest in Germany with my colleagues at Digital Starters. Traditional Bavarian outfits made the evening more colorful and authentic and the Oompah music & Maß glasses brought the party to the next level” – Abdul, Marketing

Then came Halloween, our spookiest event of the year, filled with a team quest, amazing food and some potion-themed drinks.

And before we knew it Christmas was here. This year our Christmas bonanza started with a visit to the Berlin Dungeons, which brings together a cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides. It was an actor-led performance, during which we learned about Berlins dark past.

We then moved the night to one of Berlin’s many Christmas markets for some mulled wine before heading out for burger and cocktails and finally ending the party at Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke bar.

But our Christmas festivities didn't end there. To celebrate together one last time before many of the team started heading home for the holidays, we hosted a final party in the office. Everyone was gifted a special Christmas present from the company filled with delicious treats and we later handed out our Secret Santa gifts from under the tree before sharing some festive-themed food and listening to the classics. We really enjoyed this cozy evening with our colleagues, family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

It will take a lot to beat 2019, but we have some exciting new projects underway and great events in the planning to look forward to. And, as a Christmas treat from us to all of you, we’ve gift-wrapped a festive quiz featuring some of our very own employees. So enjoy, have a magical Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Best wishes from the 360 Digital Starters Team.


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